-Hair Beauty Care Tools Manufactory.


-Over 50 years professional OEM and ODM experience.


-More than 40,000 designs.


-Main products: Hair rollers, Hair Combs, Hair Brushes, Hair Clips, Hairbands, Hair Dyeing Tools, etc Hair Salon products, Barber accessories.




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Hair Brushes
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Why Choose Us
Mission & Quality Assurance We have four goals in our overall commitment to our customers: 1.Best quality of products. 2.Best value-for-money products. 3.On time delivery. 4.Product confidentiality. Company overview
Yip Sing - in Chinese these two characters mean to join and excel together, which is a precise reflection of our objective.
We join forces with our business partners from all over the world and enjoy our success together.
Yip Sing was established as a 2,000 square feet facility in Hong Kong back in the year 1967. The business focus was exports of plastic hair rollers and beads. In 1988 the company envisioned the golden opportunity of China's open door policy and began migrating its production across the border.
Riding on the success of its base products, Yip Sing expanded its product category into hair accessories and household items. It's capability lies in vertical integrated services which range from product design, mold making, prototype sampling all the way to packaging design. The integrated process allows fast response time and is cost-effective to the customers.
Over the last two decades, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth through establishing strong partnership with customers.
Today Yip Sing is a privately owned limited company with a workforce exceeding 300 people, and owns a production plant that occupies total floor area of 100,000 square feet.
The premise is located in the Ping Shan district of Shenzhen, the major Special Economic Zone in Southern China, positioning the company as one of the largest hair accessories manufacturers in the world.

Mission & Quality Assurance
We have four goals in our overall commitment to our customers
Best quality of products
Best value-for-money products
On time delivery
Product confidentiality

Core Business
Full line of plastic, fabric and metal hair accessories; braid hair accessories, grooming products like hair rollers, brushes and combs, hair clips, mirrors,hair curlers, tint bowl and manicure bowl, bobby pins and metal clippies.

Manufacturing & Production
Yip Sing We have a wealth of efficient manufacturing professionals and a talented and smart management team.
The overall skill level of the employees is by far the company's biggest asset. From designers to toolmakers, from administrative staff to sales personnel, everyone in Yip Sing is committed to achieving the best quality.
The goal of the entire staff is to meet or exceed theirs as well as the customers' expectations in each and every job. With the help of the talented members of our design crew, our exquisite creations are what the
markets need. Not to mention our effective manufacturing department, we are able to focus on reducing production costs, hence our competitiveness is always on the rising edge.
We have full design capabilities in house so strict confidence is ensured over customers' design and specifications. We are equipped with Auto-cad, Pro Engineering and Master Cam. All our designers are devoted to high standard of quality. They carry out effective quality inspection and are responsible in earning our reputation.